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Courts open from tomorrow : Sunday 19th July

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The court edging was finished this morning and we are re-opening the courts from tomorrow morning: Sunday 19th July.

The final painting will be completed the following week.

The new surface is still fragile so only tennis shoes please. Astro-turf shoes in particular could be very damaging at this stage.

If the weather gets hot again we may need to temporarily close the courts but we hope to get a full week’s play before the painting is completed.

Courts closed from lunchtime, Monday 29th June onwards

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The courts remain closed. This is to prevent damage to the new surface whilst it is curing as the tarmac becomes soft in hot weather and permanent damage occurs as the tarmac moves out of shape.

We will re-open them as soon as temperatures allow but we anticipate them remaining closed for the next week or so. Once the new surface has been painted and finished the courts will be fully operational.

Courts are open…

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We are pleased to announce that the courts can now be played on!

The cool weather forecast for this week means the courts can be used. We will keep a close watch on the surface and if it should show signs of damage or the temperatures increase, we will close the courts immediately.

If you do play, please be aware that your trainers and tennis balls may well get some tar residue on them. Please ensure children do not play with footballs on the surface as they may cause damage.

The work still to be done is completion of the edging and of course painting. Both of these items should be completed in the next month.

Next week currently looks like it may be quite a bit hotter and so the courts will probably have to be closed for a period. Please do look at the latest news on the website for latest details if you are intending to play.

Courts Remain Closed

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We are pleased to confirm that the new court surface was completed on Friday and temporary lines have been put down together with the new nets and net posts.

The courts will remain closed this weekend and then open only if the temperature is cool enough for play not to damage the surface. There is a notice on the gate if the courts are closed and also a different padlock in use if that is the case.

We have already had two young people climb over the netting to try to play tennis, who were promptly asked to leave, and we would ask you to advise any members of your family who may attempt to do this not to. The cost of resurfacing is significant and it would be an immense shame if the surface is damaged in the first few weeks so we would ask for your understanding and support while the courts “cure”. Full painting will take place in July and we will advise you soon when this will happen.

We will post an further update here when the courts are re-opened next week.

Courts Closed From Monday 8th June for Resurfacing

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The resurfacing of the courts will get underway from Monday morning. The courts will be locked and inaccessible during this time. We expect to reopen the courts within two weeks with temporary lines in place until the final work is completed in approximately six weeks time. Check here for updates – we will let you know as soon as the courts are playable again.

Key Change Day and Joining the Club

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Many thanks to all who came along to our Key Change Day yesterday and signed up for next year’s membership. If you haven’t yet joined for this coming year, the Bourne Stores (Costcutter) has new membership forms and keys available.

The padlock has now been changed. Old keys can still be handed in to the Bourne Stores (Costcutter) or committee members.

New Members Welcome

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Please come along to St Martin’s Hall this Sunday 17th May 2015 between 10 – 3pm for our annual Key Change Day. The joining fee is £20. After this date, keys for this year can be obtained from the Bourne Stores (Costcutter) for £25 on completion of a membership form. Renewing members receive £5 discount for returning their previous year’s key.

Tennis Court Refurbishment

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We will shortly be announcing the dates for the refurbishment of the tennis courts. We will post days on which the courts will not be available. Please check here to make sure the courts are available.

Tennis News

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