Key Change Day – Sunday 23rd May 2021

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Our Key Change Day will be Sunday 23rd May 2021 between 10.00am and 4.00pm and this year will take place at Wynterburne, Dene Lane, GU10 3PN. The house is at the top of Dene Lane just off Lodge Hill Road. It has a brick driveway and is next to the Bourne Stores rear car park. From the tennis courts, walk up Dene Lane and you’ll find us in the first driveway past the hedge. If you cannot find us please call Richard on 07920 474245.

Nearly all keys have been sold for this year so there are a small number available for a reduced rate until 23rd May. If you require a replacement key, or wish to return any keys in return for your £5 deposit, please contact Richard Stubberfield on 07920 474245. He is holding a waiting list for new members.

Please note that for now, the Bourne Stores cannot provide any keys, membership forms or refunds. They do not hold a spare key. All enquiries to or to Richard Stubberfield please.

Key Change Day will take place on Sunday 23rd May. This signifies the end of the current membership, rolled over from 2019. From Sunday 23rd May, all members will need to have purchased a new key to access the courts. Membership rates will stay the same as 2019, with a membership renewal (with previous key returned) at £15, renewal with no key or new membership at £25.

After Key Change Day, rates increase to £20 for renewal (key must be returned) and £25 for new members or renewal with no key.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Bourne Green Tennis Club’