Courts Re-open Wednesday 2nd December

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The courts will re-open from Wednesday 2nd December for singles and doubles play. The rule of six still applies. Use of the courts must comply with the government and LTA guidance and social distancing, and BGTC rules and guidelines. We will have to limit access to the courts if members cannot follow them. The LTA Guidelines are here:—tennis-activity-by-tier.pdf?category=Playing_Tennis_COVID19_Guidance

The waiting rule will still apply at all times. “If both courts are in use when you arrive at the courts, the players who have been there longest must finish their set or finish play within 30 minutes and give way. Likewise, you must give way within 30 minutes if someone is waiting.” Please wait outside the courts.

Please take great care when opening and closing the gate, including using hand sanitizers etc to prevent any contamination. The gate should be locked after use.

Be mindful of contact with benches, bin, nets and balls. Use your own equipment where possible, and bring only minimal belongings onto court.

Please let us know of any problems with the courts via

Enjoy the courts and stay safe.

Best regards,

Bourne Green Tennis Club Committee